3In 1994 “I heard an inward voice interrupt me while I was preaching one morning on the platform of a church in London,” Michael recalls. “It said, “I’m releasing you to the new world.”  That was the turning point; the voice that he heard so clearly changed everything. Seven years later that same voice spoke again to him in a dream the reality of the ‘Mystery’ truth turning Michael’s world upside down and the right way up.


Michael would go on to say “that the old world consciousness was to be loosed from me and all unnecessary things were also to be loosed. This turned out to be an uncomfortable ride as I found myself in God’s reverse gear”. He was experiencing what Paul the Apostle said, ‘I have suffered the loss of all things.’




Two years later the ‘ministry of Michael Bassett’ came to an end. He was struggling for breath during a bout of double pneumonia. With fluid filled lungs and an infected liver, his thoughts were not fixed on his earthly life. His concern was mainly his spiritual activities for God which occupied what little strength he left.


Routinely sleeping upright on a sofa each night for the next five weeks was to be the pattern; he experienced endless night-sweats. One night however, it was different. Whilst still asleep, his soul called out to God - crying and in tears, he repeated over and over again the sentence, 'I've lost the hope of my calling'. The Lord without hesitation answered, 'What calling are you talking about? You never had one, read Eph 1:17 again.

He was shaken by the sharp edge of truth, given by the teacher, the Holy Spirit, as He brought into Michael's mind a particular verse of scripture, which 25 years earlier he had memorized. He immediately caught the revelation of Christ being the ministry gift in him and began to tell the Lord how sorry he was for being so ignorant. vs18 ‘The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of HIS CALLING’



The next morning Michael awoke to find healing and recovery in his body and the path forward was a clear one. From that day forward, the indwelling Christ would have 'HIS MINISTRY’ of expression through the now cracked vessel. A slight adjustment was made...but just enough to make all the difference.

Today the same message that Paul preached is being expressed through Michael as he travels, writes, and shares the realities of ‘Christ in the believer, the hope of Glory’.




Michael goes on to say, “Now, at 68 years of age this coming August 2010, I can honestly say I’m experiencing completeness and wholeness and my feet are planted firmly on the Rock of His Revelation to me. Having done all to stand, I stand now with the understanding of this new world where the power of knowing only One God who is All Good and One Power where Christ’s government rules over heaven and earth. This Gospel of the Kingdom within must take centre stage as a NOW reality and the Gospel of the Kingdom of God without or kingdom now must continue to be in abeyance for its time to show forth is soon coming but not now”.


Michael recalls – “I received Jesus as my Lord and Saviour in 1974 through the medium of Christian TV and that feeds my desire to reach people for Christ the same way. This is the reason and the season for me, and others who have seen their ‘Inner Lord’, to bring THIS GOSPEL message forth through the medium of TV and other methods that are available to His ministers”.




2The dream held in Michael’s heart is now a reality. In 1975 Michael was flipping the channels on his TV in Los Angeles when he came across a Bible programme. That one show so moved and impressed him that he immediately gave his life to Christ. Today, 35 years later he sees himself similarly reaching into homes with STAYFREE.TV which currently is shown in 96 nations, reaching into the hearts of men and women  and bringing to them the refreshing rewards of really knowing Christ as their life.


Michael Bassett’s half-hour messages are filled with insight regarding Paul the Apostle’s revelation to the Church which is ‘Christ in you the hope of Glory’ COL 1:26-29. As we now know it all began with Michael and his wife Denise and their two children leaving the UK - only to see Michael return 7 years later after a long and painful period, which began and ended with a life-changing revelation.


JN 8:36 “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be FREE INDEED” is a favourite Bible verse for many Christians. However, that freedom often seems hard to hold on to and to reach into all areas of one’s daily life. If you’ve ever felt that way, there’s a television show that can help.


A person is made free by Christ’s power when they ‘believe’ in Him’ says Michael. “But staying “free” in one’s soul mind is an ongoing practice which necessitates a renewing of the mind process.


Unless we’re renewing our minds daily to who God and Christ is in us, we will eventually find ourselves back again under the law of sin and death; which is the Romans 7 view of ‘I would do good, but I do evil instead.’


Michael concludes - even many have received eternal life, they’re not necessarily enjoying the Kingdom of Heaven, which is within, with its promise of ‘righteousness, peace and joy’. The questions – Who am I? Where am I going? What’s wrong with me? All come from unhinged human thinking “seeing through a glass darkly”, instead of ‘Let this mind be in you which was in Jesus Christ’.


Reasoning on information coming by way of the 5 natural senses to the mind of man, results in the continuance of being bound within our self imposed prison bars. Human beliefs, reasoning’s, traditions and opinions of men become the prison house where hard labour is the rule.


Michael Bassett is recognized internationally as a latter day window, ushering in the freshness of the Grace of God. Countless people, from all walks of life all over the world, have discovered through this ministry a deeper understanding of the reality of the indwelling ascended Christ. Multitudes of testimonies conclude to the fact that Christ expresses Himself through Michael to meet the soulical and physical needs of His body. The apostolic anointing working through Michael became increasingly more evident over the years, until finally in 1994 after thirteen years in the pastoral office, the Lord released him to minister to the church at large. His previous experience, as the senior pastor of a thousand-member church in London, England, enables him to love and flow with all races, and cultural backgrounds. This insight puts him in demand as an International speaker at conferences and churches as far afield as Africa, Asia and Europe.